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Highly dedicated trained cutters which are assigned to each individual project will be in contact with your representative throughout the process. In addition, our marker makers will layout the cut of the style to optimal fabric usage and reduce waste. We take consideration toward proper shrinkage while keeping grain lines and matching stripes aligned properly. Approved markers are then digitally plotted to provide you with additional control over your cutting. Our cutting room places the plotted markers on top of the layers of fabric and cuts the pieces with careful consideration of pattern specifications


Our sewing department specializes in apparel manufacturing. Every stage of garment construction is meticulously assembled, closely supervised and must comply with strict quality guidelines. Our quality control system is designed to yield a defect-free garment that matches your exact specifications. We have a variety of machines and techniques to accommodate many different types of sewing operations. Our machinery includes:

Single needle, Double-needle, Bartacker, Three, Four & Five thread Sergers, Coverstitches, Blindstitch hemmer, Zigzag, Buttonholer, Button sewer, Snap machine, Gromet machine, Eyelet, Fusing machine, Pocket opener,  4 to10 head Embroidery machines, Shirring machine, Smocking machine


A full-fledged in-house plant of garment finishing helps us deliver faultless and quality-checked garments to our clients. The finishing department ensures that the products are examined and reviewed a number of times. 
Under this services, we typically do four things - cutting of unnecessary threads, washing, ironing and final touch up of each piece before it goes in the hand of the quality control team.


Quality control is a powerful productivity technique for effective diagnosis of lack of quality from the desired standard in any of the material, process, machines or end products.

Quality control ensures this by insisting on quality specifications all along the production proceeds from the arrival of raw materials to the final delivery of goods. Therefore, quality control covers all the factors and processes of production, which may be broadly classified as below:

  1. Quality materials

  2. Quality manpower

  3. Quality of machines

  4. Quality of management.